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Data Center Caption Contest-Your IT Closet in the bathroom?

It’s week two of the caption contest! Thank you to everyone that participated in the last one! You have two days left to vote for your caption. Sorry I didn’t provide a blog post sooner to remind you to provide one. But you should expect to see a new one this friday! This idea was brought to me by my future husband who recently moved into a new office and forgot to design an IT closet.  When I showed up during construction I asked him where he planned to put his IT Closet and he was unaware that he actually needed a space for it. I told it had to be in a cool secure place, and immediately he said to put it in the bathroom! I obviously wouldn’t let that happen, but apparently this seems to be a common problem Either people have just run out of space and it seems to be the only space available or they just didn’t design a spot all together. So here is the comic I created, please vote for your favorite caption…Click here


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