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What is Pinterest?

So there is a lot of rumble about Pinterest and for good reason. It is awesome! So cool that it inspired me to start another blog about all my artsy crafty stuff just incase you want to check it out!:)Pinterest discribes itself as an “online pinboard” because you are able to pin ideas that you find online to a virtual pinboard. But really, its all about people doing all this hard work finding cool stuff on the internet and then you going to one place to see it all! Brilllant! You can see my pinterest profile here or you can just click on the image. You actually have to be excepted into it, so you you have to apply for the invite now because it takes about a week. Now I have to be honest with you it’s kind of a girl website, however you can search by technology, and they have some pretty cool gadgets on there!:)Check it out and let me know what you think?

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