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Evolution of telephone numbers….

I was growing up in a unique time where I grew up with a cell phone in my college years but not in junior high…meaning I still remember what it’s like to have an address book of numbers stored in your head.  And over the years my brain just decided to give up memorizing all those numbers and rely heavily on my cell phone to remember them for me. Which would be okay….until your phone dies and you have to call someone in an emergency. Or in my case someone asks me for my emergency contact or my husband’s phone number and I have to stop for a second and check my phone which is a little embarrassing. I know he is speed dial 1 but that doesn’t really help me in this situation. So what to do….? It seems like such a waste of precious memory to remember all those numbers when your phone can easily do it for you….but on the other hand are we relying too much on technology to assist us in simple everyday tasks???

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