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Green Lighting in the Data Center….

I just went to tour an amazing lighting center in Chicago (EESCO which is a division of WESCO the company I work for) and they talked about they had a very large focus on green lighting by using LEDs and other light fixtures. Data center managers and facilities don’t really talk a whole lot about lighting and I think it’s because it’s not considered critical to their environment (correct me if i’m wrong here)  however there have been some big technical advances that might be worth looking into. A couple of situations that I have come across recently is trying to fix a light fixture in a gordon grid, it’s a special size and it can be challenging to find a fixture that is LED so it saves you money. Anyway, anytime I learn something new it usually inspires new comics….so…as usual Kip and Gary take this “green lighting” thing to a new level…Click here to see the captions already submitted and a chance to submit your own! 

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