Intelligent Infrastructure

This comic titled “Intelligent Patching” was developed because of the growing interest in managing your data center remotely. With an intelligent infrastructure it allows you to manage your entire infrastructure with a simple click of a mouse. I attached two articles that  provide more information if you were interested. Hope you enjoy!

How Intelligent Infrastructure Management (IMM) Can Benefit your Network

By: Wayne Connors

A cabling network is a framework through which electronic devices can transmit information to one another. These devices can include phones….Read More

Article Source:

Life is Better with IPatch

By: www.

With SYSTIMAX Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions, your physical layer does more than provide a reliable, high performance communications foundation. It gives you the vision and knowledge you need to be in control.

Running an IT network is challenging. How would things be different if you could eliminate blind spots and have 20/20 vision into your physical infrastructure?….Read More

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