White Cabinets are saving energy in the Data Center

That’s right, white cabinets! I was able to see my very first white cabinet at the Afcom show in Vegas last year and I was truly amazed. So amazed in fact I got caught taking pictures with my cell phone like it was a celebrity. So not only do these cabinets look very clean but they can save you almost 30% in lighting cost…How you ask? Well, they stay cleaner then black cabinets because cabinets are metal and traditionally powder coated black which would show metal scratches pretty easily, being power coated white actually shows less scratches because it blends in better with the color?? Pretty cool right? And that’s not all, I mentioned before they can save over 30% in lighting energy…how can this be??? Well, because white reflects light and black absorbs it, you can actually lower the lighting in your data center and it doesn’t affect the ability to see in your cabinet…and so that was the inspiration for this comic titled, “Brightening up the data center”

If you would like to read more you can check out this article:

Can You Save 30% on Data Center Lighting Costs by Using White Cabinets?

What if you could reduce the lighting requirements in your data center by 30%, what would this save you?

Let’s suppose you have a data center space that is ~5500 sq ft with a total IT load of ~475kW. What would it mean to you to reduce your lighting load by 30% given that this is about 5% of the total power consumed within the space? But more importantly how can you do this without impacting IT personnel when they are working within the space?

Let’s step out of the box and think about things differently….. Click Here to Read More



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