$750 billion in losses to the nation in the last 31 years due to natural disasters

So with the recent of hit of Hurricane Irene and the Earthquake in DC, natural disasters seem to be on the fore front of a lot of minds lately. And when your looking at your current or future data center location natural disasters should be close to the very top on your list. Many types of natural disasters will not only effect your facility but your data center personal as well. Disaster vulnerability is studied and estimated in a number of different ways.  Human fatalities and economic costs tend to be the primary measurements when looking at a specific event.  When researching a location both the  facility and the employees shoule be factored. Even though data center facilites can be built to withstand many disasters it’s the elements around that facility that may be efficitive like power stability and operations personal. The last thing you would want is majority of your budget going towards fending off natural disasters. Natural disasters this year alone have caused over 35 billion in loss to the nation and over 750 billion in loss over the last 31 years.   The map to the right shows the billion dollar weather disaster that affects vulnerability and susceptibility. Vulnerability to a given hazard depends on several things but i’m going to focus on Probability and Risk.

Probability:  Because it’s hard to predict these disasters you need to research how often you think they will happen.

Risk: Risk is a potential impact that any given hazard may have on a organization. So look for the availability and readiness of emergency infrastructure.

his map below shows the lowest and highest risk cities. This will help with probability.


Things when to consider when looking at risk pertaining to natural distastes,  is the power grid laid out. Is your data center on two different utility power grids making it fully redundant? Or are your two locations on two different grids entirely? There is a lot to think about when assessing risk and hopefully I have interested you in looking into other risk factors.

On a side note, I would love to hear any ideas or stories  for data center natural disasters that I can have my characters Kip and Gary experience! Hope to hear from you soon.



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