Leed Platinum Data Center Saves 3 million A Year

I barely posted yesterday’s General Electric’s Platinum Data Center and an announcement came out today for Vantage Data Center 60,000 sqft data center being awarded LEED platium as well! This article came from enviromentalleader.com, it went on discribing the data center and how they achieved LEED Platium status, “lighting design is a 41 percent improvement over the minimum standard of the Title 24 Energy Code, Vantage said, and the building’s advanced lighting controls earned points in LEED’s Energy & Atmosphere category.

The HVAC design for the building is based on the New Building Institutes Core Performance Guide. Compliance with this guideline and use of Energy Star equipment and appliances within the building earned the project further points, Vantage said, as did compliance with ASHRAE 55.

The company also diverted 91 percent of construction waste from the building, and used 20 percent recycled content (post-consumer and one-half pre-consumer) in the construction project.

A water-efficient landscape design has reduced the demand on the local water supply for irrigation, and the parking lot features preferred parking for both carpools and hybrid cars to encourage alternative means of transportation, Vantage said.

According to the company, most data centers have power usage effectiveness ratings of 2.0 or higher, implying more than 50 percent of the power intended for IT loads is lost in transmission. Vantage’s V3 building has a power usage effectiveness rating of 1.29, as measured during commissioning.

For a 6MW data center in Santa Clara, that reduction in power usage effectiveness levels translates into approximately $3 million per year in saved operating expense, Vantage says.

In addition to the V3 building, the campus also comprises two projects registered with the LEED program, V1 and V2.

If all three building are awarded a platinum rating, the Vantage site would become the largest LEED platinum data center campus in the U.S., the company says. The site has more than 300,000 square feet of space supported by a 50 MW dedicated substation.”  Click here to read more….

So there you have it, the idea of having a green data center is becoming more and more of a reality and the cost savings are amazing.  It’s crazy but they didn’t mention much in the physical IT infrastructure material but that can also play a big role in saving energy. Product like high density solutions and chimney cabinets  can improve your real estate and hot aisle containment. I will come back to this post and add some product specifics that could also be useful See you then!



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