How to change the delivery time of your feedburner…


I wanted to apologize to all my subscribers because it came to my attention recently that if you subscribed to my blog it was sending the notification out at 3:30am. This is my first blog so I was unaware that you could change the delivery time.  So now I have it going out between 7-9am CST hopefully that will better 🙂 I know how annoying it is when an email come in the middle of the night and it may not be the sound that wakes you up but the light…It’s like a freakin’ flashlight staring you in the face! So once again I really am sorry and I am so thankful that you have subscibed. I’m up to 110 now! woo hoo!

So just incase you happened to be in the same situation I was in with the feedburner delievering at a horrible time, you can follow these steps:

1) Go into your google feeburner

2) Click on feed you wish to edit

3) Go to Publicize

4) Go to Email Subscriptions

5) Go to Delievery Options

6) And then save your new time! Wa La!


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