IPhone 4s: I don’t think Siri can help me here?

So i’m back…yes that’s right, after switching from the iphone4s to the thunderbolt, i’m back to the iphone 4s again. And though it feels good to be back there are some things that I just can’t figure out (besides the things I posted in “the big debate: iphone vs. driod”)…so here are another two simple phone activities that the Driod could do…but  I think the iphone falls short?

1) How do you mark an email as urgent? This is an outlook email I’m talking about…on the iphone

So i’ve searched this topic and apparently everyone just likes to argue the fact of, “why do you need to send urgent emails anyway?” well for one…it means that the email is urgent! I look at those red flagged emails a little different…and I think other people do to…maybe i’m wrong? But once again, if you are an Apple lover you just convince yourself you don’t need this very easy task instead of admitting your iphone doesn’t have that feature?

2) Once you accept an calendar invite from someone how do you forward that invite? (because you want someone else to join?) Case in point, someone sends you an invite to a great event and you except it…then they say, hey invite “so and so” and you say, “yes definitely!” and then you go to your iphone and spend about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to forward an email…. (true story btw)

So…If anyone knows these answers I would love to know??? If not, is there a suggestion box at apple?

So I thought I would pull Kip and Gary out of the data center for a moment and into a cellphone store…I thought it it would be great to do a little comic on expecting too much from a phone? And I couldn’t help but do a Siri reference….

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