IT in Alaska!

So I just came back from Alaska, it was a great business trip! CSC (Communication Supply Corporation)  the company I work for just opened up a branch in Anchorage and WESCO (the parent company) decided to do an open house.  They had some of vendors there along with Potelecom which was purchased by WESCO a couple of years ago. They flew me out there because the popularity of the calendar has been doing so well that they thought it would be fun if I signed calendars. Also, because the branch is so new I was able to also talk with the customers out there and help them understand what CSC is all about. They also had a celebrity guest as well, Rich Franklin the UFC fighter. He was there as well signing gloves and giving away t-shirts. Because most of my art comes from some sort of inspiration I thought I would have Kip and Gary meet Rich too…here was my attempt at bringing a UFC fighter into the data center.


So Rich and I thought it would be fun if we had a competition on who could get more signatures…and well….I started to loose count after a while, so i’m going to say we tied… So at the time I took this picture i didn’t realize how bad my fighting stance was….yep..pretty bad, but that’s why I sell IT for a living 🙂 Oh btw… If you haven’t received your calendar yet  don’t forget to request one, the link is on my home page!


So it turns out the winter Alaska has almost hit a record for snow…did I mention I was there for the iditarod too, and I think your trip can’t be complete until you see a moose!


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