What size Ipad should you buy?

So if you’re in the market for the new ipad here are some things you should probably think about.

1) Because the new ipad has a screen of 2048×1,536-pixel that means that you will probably want to download HD video to take advantage of the new screen. So a movie that was once 1GB will probably be 2GB if not more in HD.

2) Screen shots will be double in size as well. Also keep in mind when you email them that is using double the data as well….To see how much of a difference I took a screen shot on my orginal ipad from this blog in the “about me” section. And I did the same thing on the New Ipad. Look at the actual size difference. It’s more then double. See the image below…

3) You always want to leave a little head room. Probably a couple GB worth. I have the 64GB and when I had it at capacity it was going incredibly slow. It’s just like your computer at home, once you get to capacity it doesn’t work as well.

4) Most likely Apps will want to take advantage of the new screen as well, which probably means that are going to be HD themselves making Apps almost double in size.

5) Another interesting fact, not completely sure how true it is, but when I was at Verizon they said the #1 reason for a returned ipad is because they ran out of space…and wanted to exchange it for a bigger one.

Hope this helps when your deciding what ipad size to buy! 🙂

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  • Paul - June 10, 2012 - 6:32 am

    Good points. I wonder how much actual stuff am going to store on it though – as opposed to just downloading the web. Imagining mostly using it for internet use and some client presentations. That could be an imagination fail on my part!

    Wonder with the icloud sync thing whether a whole pile of data is going to migrate ‘inadvertently’.

    So I was thinking 16gb. But you’ve made me rethink that. Might get 32gb. Actually yes, thinking about going on a holiday with say 5 movies downloaded to watch … going to need 32.ReplyCancel

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