Best Business Card Scanning App for the iPhone! Card Munch!

I have been looking for a great business card scanning app ever since I got the iphone and the Card Munch app is brillant! I am a huge fan of Linkedin and this app actually integrates directly with your linkedin account as well as uploading the contact to your phone. So once you have submitted your business card (scanning with your iphone) to Card Munch it has a human transcriber that will make sure the business card is 100% correct  and it will also find the person on linkedin as well. So now your contacts can have a profile pic associated with them (if the linkedin connection has a profile pic that is). And to top it all off this app is free! You can check it out here!

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Oh…one more thing… I understand that the “Kip and Gary Data Center Comics” are for a particular niche market and not everyone wants to see the latest on them but maybe you still want to see the latest on my apple reviews so I created a separate RSS  feed just to “apple products review” category and you can subscribe by Clicking Here

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