How to get different smiley faces in text on the iPhone?

When I was introduced to these little icons and saw you could put in texts I thought it was great, and I wanted to share it just in-case you haven’t seen it yet!   I love putting expressions on the end of texts and one day someone sent me a smiely face that I had not seen before with a little icon of an ipad too! Anyway, he walked me through the process and I soon discovered not only could you use different smiley faces but there were other icons as well! Now keep in mind that the ONLY people that will be able to see these icons are other iPhone users…the rest of the people will see some random letters or shapes…
I provided the steps below, and I also did a video! I hope you enjoy it!

So this is how you get it:

1) Go into Settings

2) Go into General

3) Go into Keyboard

4) Go to International Keyboards

5) Add New Keyboard

6) Click Emoji

And your done!!

To access these smiely faces while in a text you will see a little globe in the left hand lower corner, just click that and you can scroll through all of the icons!

Another thing I thought was interesting if you use Facebook chat on your phone you can also see the faces, but if you use it on your computer…not so much.

If you can think of any other tutorials you would like to see please let me know!

Happy texting!

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