Starbucks Iphone App….its just awesome!


So apparently i’m a little behind on discovering this app. But I figured there may be others out there that were just like me not knowing that this great app existed! What’s so cool about it is that you can load money on the app so you never have to pull out your wallet again! Not to mention every time you pay using the app you gain rewards. If your not sure where the closest starbucks is…no worries because the app will show you. With the Starbucks app  you can add more money to your card, manage your Starbucks Card balance, track your rewards (stars), find nutrition information, and build/save your favorite drinks! It also lets you share via twitter and facebook…If your a starbucks fan like me you have to have this app! Let me know what you think? I just made it to the Green level now on my way to Gold… here is the email I received so you can get more details:


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