New Video!

So I think i’m getting better on the painting videos, this one I started from a blank canvas and it was more time lapsed then the brooklyn piece. The reason why I get so excited about these videos is because it’s so hard for me to really enjoy the process of creating a piece because i’m so involved with it while i’m painting. I guess I could compare it to a wedding, it’s so hard to enjoy it because of how much time and energy goes into it, but when you watch the video all the emotions of the experience come back…I hope that makes sense…Please share the video with as many people as you can, it’s tough getting your artwork out there and every little bit counts. Thanks so much for watching the video! I would love to hear your feedback….oh and one more thing, I had to change the song on the video because it wouldn’t let people view it on there phone for copyright reasons, so ┬ácheck out the song, “its time” by imagine dragons, that was the song that was suppose to be in the backround. Instead I had to pick out of youtube’s non recognizable songs and this was the best one I could find. Enjoy!

Here are some other posts I did my art:

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