Cracked Iphone screen…

I always thought it was bound to happen…I mean I’ve dropped my phone a couple of times but I never thought this was going to be “the time” the screen breaks. I decided to actually draw a picture for ya…. It’s Saturday and my husband and I decided to take the dogs for a walk. I’ve got my water bottle in one hand and our dog’s leash and iphone in the other and well…Jack (our dog), finally spots our house and he’s so excited to get in the nice air conditioned house that he bolts. It totally catches me off guard and his leash breaks from my hand and my iphone goes flying and hits the pavement.  Meanwhile my husband has opened the door and Jack is safely inside and i’m left staring at my iphone’s screen which is completely shattered at this point. Now mind you the touch screen still works but little shards of glass are loose and flake off every time I try and use it so the thought of trying to make it through the weekend with the screen like this is just not going to happen. As it turns out this is pretty common and there are a lot of places that fix cracked iphone screens. I found a place in Chandler, “quick fix celluar” it ended up costing me $75 but I had it fixed within an hour and now it’s as good as new. But I did find out a long the way that if you do you call a couple of places make sure they are NOT using after market parts and that the screen is made from gorilla glass. Which is a plastic infused glass…some places just use plastic screens and that’s just no good. Hopefully this never happens to you…but if it does now you know how easy it is to fix it! Thanks for reading 🙂

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