IPhone 4s vs. IPhone 5 is it worth the upgrade?

The Strategy… 

If you were like me and got the IPhone 4s when it first came out you are no where near an upgrade…. so if you want to get the new IPhone 5 it will have to take some strategy or you can pay $649. So I had a plan….but I’m not sure it’s worth it? Okay its $350 for early termination but I’ve had my contract since Feburary so now it’s $280 early termination fee with Verizon so… I would terminate early, then sign up again to get the lower Iphone 5 price of $199, now add that to the termination fee of $280 and you are at $479. Then I was going to sell my Iphone 4s for $300 (found it higher price on ebay but I figured it would take a hit when the 5 comes out) and that  would put me at about $179 out of pocket….which isn’t horrible but it’s just an annoying process…

So what are the differences?

So based on the basic specs that I pulled off www.verizon.com the differences are highlighted in yellow. And I’m sure you thinking…well those are pretty big differences….bigger screen, 4G compatiable, better front facing camera…and better processor….so let me explain my thought process on waiting to get the iphone 5 I mean I’m probably going to get it one way or another the question is… do I wait till my contract is up…which is in a year?

Things to Consider….

1) iOS 6 will be also on the iphone 4s so it too will have over 200 features added, I will be posting about the new software upgrade as soon as it comes out so don’t forget to check back or subscribe 🙂

2) With a new phone might come with new problems…remember the first iphone 4 when they had antenna issues, I want to give Apple a chance to work out the kinks first

2) Cases and screen protectors are going to be full price and limited (this can cost quite a bit of money) the longer you wait the more options you have

3) Lets talk about the connector for a second…I have alot of cool devices that depend on the old connector and I know they have the adapter…but how much is that thing going to cost?

I would love to know your thoughts? Is it worth the upgrade RIGHT NOW…? Or should I wait a bit?


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