Blackberry to iPhone, Making the transition Easy

I’m sure you have figured out by now that I’m a geek, I always like the newest gadgets and the newest phones. So it’s probably surprising to you that my husband still has a blackberry….I’ve even gone through a total of 4 phones during the duration of his Blackberry. But I can proudly say now he has entered the 21st century, because over the weekend we upgraded to him to the iPhone 4s! (On a side note if you haven’t looked into Verizon’s “shared” plan it’s amazing!)

So the upgrade process was a lot more upsetting to him than I thought it would be…I even contemplated having a funeral for Blackberry…. Listen, I know the transition is hard, that is why I assured him that it’s only rainbows and sunshine on the other side. So after he said his final goodbyes he was ready to test out his new iPhone 4s…And I know what you’re thinking…why didn’t he get the iPhone 5? Well to keep the answer simple, it really had to do with the connector, we have quite a few laying around the house not to mention all of the docking stations are the old connector. And since I made the decision not to upgrade till the phone after the iPhone 5….well it just wasn’t worth it. Not to mention they didn’t have them in stock and i’ve waiting a couple years to get him to switch out to another phone and I wasn’t going to let this moment just pass me by. So needless to say there are probably a few of you who have made the transition from blackberry to iPhone and i’m sure there some things you wish the iPhone had….so since by nature i’m a problem solver here goes my attempt to solve his problems with the iPhone:

1) ” Where is a Red indicator light?” This is something  I miss as well…That  that the blackberry had, and it’s weird to me that the iphone doesn’t have this feature….I mean I get it…you don’t want to always look at your iPhone. So here is a solution. You can have your camera light flash when you have a message and it will repeat after 2 minutes if you haven’t checked it. Here’s how you do it: Settings-General-Accessibility-LED Flash for Alerts-ON

2) ” The mail is too slow”….he uses Google Apps to manage his mail. And the Gmail icon will not push as fast as Exchange. But you can set up your Gmail on Exchange….Here is a link

3) “It doesn’t show that I have a new message” Well this is how you fix it: Go Under Settings-Notifications-Mail-(go into whatever mailbox you want to notify you)- Alert Style-Alert

Then scroll down and in “View in lock screen” move to “ON”

4) “Battery Life isn’t as good”…..I reviewed an extended battery that is still holding strong even after it was dropped a couple weeks ago, you can see the review here

5) “How do I transfer my contacts” Apple has some trained professionals that make this a breeze. Just bring in your blackberry and your iphone and they have a machine that does it.

Well there you have it! He’s still new to the iPhone and I know once he gets used to it he will love it! Hopefully I’ve helped you out if you have had some of the same problems. Till next time!

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  • Steve - October 24, 2012 - 10:13 pm

    Ha Ha this article proved to be funny. I come across so many individuals who have a tough time making the transition over to “todays technology”. The Blackberry was once the pinnacle of stature to the business world however this has significantly dimished within the last year or so and I can relate to your husband “in his time of grief”. Please help him in his time of need as I’m sure only a little time will be needed to make him a believer and to turn the corner and become more of technologically advanced individual. God Speed and Iphone Increased Awareness and Userness.


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