How To Make Your Data Center Green?

How to make your data center green? Okay I know this is a pretty heavy question considering that data centers are one of the largest energy hogs out there. And i’m going to go on the limb out there and say that a Data Center just existing are making people and companies go GREEN. Yes…I said it…and I’m going to explain. This blog post stemmed from an article I read in the NY times: Power, Pollution and the Internet So hear me out….data centers are a necessary evil, similar to gasoline. Sure we could go back to writing letters instead of emailing just like we could ride horses instead of driving cars. But not everyone is going to do that…so lets try and look at the glass half full. Lets look at how data centers have actually helped the environment  This goes out to all the environmentalists… think of how many trees are saved every year because of email and ebooks? Also how much money has been raised for good causes that help the environment all based on data…website promotion, you-tube videos, email marketing, credit card transactions. Lets face it, if you get rid of data centers you might as well kiss all the money funding those programs goodbye because no one will ever find out about them and no one will be able to actually process your money.  Now lets go back and talk about that NY times article again,  I will agree with the fact that data centers could be more efficient but lets face it, it’s not that these companies aren’t paying for their “waste” so the author puts it, in fact they are paying ALOT for it. So I wouldn’t call it a “data centers dirty secret” I would just say it’s bad business….It’s simple really, the more inefficient the data center the more the data center operator pays on the electric bill. So there is an incentive to try and be as efficient as possible because you will save money and make your business more profitable, and more and more data centers are starting to realize this. I posted a while back some simple things that data centers can do to save energy check it out  also below are some other posts I did on “Green” Data Centers…Enjoy!

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  • Guy AlLee - October 8, 2012 - 8:34 am

    The NY Times article has been roundly criticized as unbalanced sensationalism. For example 2 things that never came out.

    1) Data Centers use less energy than Cell Phones in aggregate.
    2) ICT (Information and Communications Technology), including data centers, saves 5 times the carbon it creates by doing things smarter.

    But that wouldn’t sell papers.

    BTW, just did a data center in Zurich that uses 380Vdc to save 10% on energy, 15% on cost, 20% on installation and 25% on footprint. It’s painted green on the bottom, too..ReplyCancel

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