Starbucks drink that could make you loose weight….

So a little off topic but since I did a post a while back about a starbuck app which is awesome btw… and Kip and Gary are ALWAYS drinking coffee/caffeine in the data center I thought this post was fitting. So i’m standing in line at starbucks at the airport and these two southwest pilots were drinking this “incredible hulk” looking like starbucks drink while they waited for there breakfast sandwitch. Anyway I couldn’t help but ask, “what the heck are you drinking?” ….he replied, “green tea with soy no whip unsweetened”  and then went on to saying it was the most amazing drink and he used to order coffee but he switched to this and has never gone back, and even though it looks awful it’s great but I had to make sure I ordered it with soy because it taste better that way…and to get it unsweetened…and it didn’t’ stop there I almost got his entire life story surrounding this drink….it almost seemed like it had magical powers or something. So of course I had to try it, and holy crap! It was pretty good… tastes kinda like green marshmallows? You know the ones in the lucky charms?  but not as sweet…gosh that brings back memories…anyway…so I had the drink in the morning with my breakfast sandwitch and the weirdest thing happened…I wasn’t hungry at all for lunch…or even dinner….it completely suppressed my appetite…and I love to eat…so I was completely confused. So I had it again today and once again….not hungry for lunch…so actually ordering a salad wasn’t as torturous as usual…I never really liked the taste of soy, but in this drink….tastes pretty good. So it turns out soy is indeed an appetite suppressant…and green tea is great for you too! And another interesting fact…Starbucks uses ORGANIC vanilla soy so you don’t have to worry about the GM foods… Try it and let me know what you think? What’s your favorite drink?

Here’s a video of the struggles of ordering this awesome drink…


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