Very First Data Center Comic Book! Funded with Kickstarter! PRE LAUNCH!


What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects via “crowd funding” through its website. Kickstarter has funded a diverse array of endeavors, such as books, art, films, music, comics, video games, food-related projects etc. People cannot invest in Kickstarter projects to make money. They can only back projects in exchange for a tangible reward or one-of-a-kind experience, like a personal note of thanks, custom T-shirts, dinner with an author, or initial production run of a new product.

What makes Kickstarter unique is that it is an “All or Nothing” funding model meaning that any donation could be the one that “makes or breaks” a project’s funding goal. In other words the funding goal gets reached, or the project founder gets nothing and NO money changes hands (everyone gets their money back). Kickstarter has put this rule in place to minimize the risk for everyone.

That is why I am doing a PRE-LAUNCH campaign, kind of like a “trial run” if you will, because I really don’t want to fail at this project. By filling out this brief survey it lets me gauge what people are interesting in and I can notify you when the campaign goes LIVE. Which should be in about a week, so the book will be ready for the holidays. So please fill out the form below as soon as you can and share it with anyone that you think would be interested in helping as well! Thank you!

If you are interested in a corporate sponsorship please contact me.



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