Iphone 5s gold extended battery case review

So i’ve had several people ask me about my extended battery case for my iphone 5s so I thought I would write a review about it. I first saw this type of case about two months ago while having lunch with a couple of networking people. One of the guys at the table had this case but in white and I really liked the design so I asked him where he got it and if he liked it. He had nothing but great things to say so I went a head and bought it for myself here is the link on amazon where I got it http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HDXYHFG/ref=twister_B00DU5VOIO¬†. And to my surprise they had a GOLD version for the iphone 5s, which looks amazing! And matches the phone perfectly. This battery gives me another whole battery! It’s fantastic! Here is the link for the one I bought, but I supplied my own pictures below from other site, www.deartechnology.com. The only down fall is that you can’t use your lighting connector, you have to use mini usb, but it charges the case and the phone at the same time!

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