Dear Technology…please don’t make me use a pen


This doesn’t really have anything to do with data centers but it has to do with technology and I think alot of people can relate  so….I’m going to blog about it! I have another blog called and since it’s becoming a little hard to manage two blogs  I thought I would just blog on this one today …so here it goes! The premise here is if technology was a person what type of letter would I write to them…

Dear Technology,

I would say majority of people have jumped on this band wagon, but for those select few this is what happens when I’m on the phone with you and you want me to write something down….please don’t make me use a pen….

Let me explain…

Okay so someone is trying to give you phone number or address or something very easily textable/emailable (not completely sure if either of those are a real word but i’m going with it)….and instead of texting it to you they REALLY want you to write it down. So you go and reach for a pen and the odds of you even finding a pen is slim and then finding a pen that works is almost impossible but you are determined to beat the odds!  Because once again this person REALLY wants you to write it down even though you have suggested that they “text you” but it’s “easier for them” so you just roll with it and of course the pen doesnt work. But you are GOING to make it work because now it has become a challenge and maybe it’s just clogged or something…or just had a little air bubble…so you to go into scribble frenzy! You even go as far to lick the tip of the pen because you saw someone do it one time and it worked! But unfortunatly you’re efforts have failed and it’s dead….so what do you do?  You throw the pen back in the drawer and go for another one….and that is how the vicous cycle begins….


Something So Small Can Be so Frustrating


Immediatley after posting this blog article (one day later)…the pen attacked! oh the irony…


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