7 Creative Gift Ideas for Customers under $30

This post might be useful right now when the holidays are around the corner or maybe you would like to give a gift to one of your clients just to say thank you! Or to have them remember you by. Here are some gifts that I have given to my clients over the years and they have loved them!

1. Box subscriptions

I thought this was pretty cool because either you can opt to just do one month which would put you in the $30 category or you can do an entire year and your client can remember you every month!

If you have a coffee enthusiastic

Craft Coffee: They get new coffee to try every month


A Kitchen Box: For avid cooks $30/month subscription

or you can get a little kit for $34.95

akitchen box1

Dollar Shave Club:

If you have a client who likes a clean shave this might be a way for them to remember you by!

shave club

Birch Box: Get monthly deliveries of personalized beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples, tailored to your profile. Try cult brands, up-and-coming lines, and everything in between.


2) Books

Giving a client a hard cover book that you know they will enjoy and inscribe works of thanks and your signature is priceless. Every time they look at the book or read it they will think of you. Even a signed copy of the book by the artist is even more memorable!

(A little self plug) Like if you have a client in the data center world, this hard cover book would be perfect! And you can order one signed! $24.95

Or if you would rather buy it on amazon to make your shopping experience a little easier…it’s there too! 


Depending what your client likes to do there are alot of different types of books that would be perfect! Photography, Cooking, Business books are all great choices!

3) Food

Some custom chocolates, or my favorite are homemade cookies! With a personalized note!


4) Gift Cards

I thought this was a clever idea! And you can order these gift card holders on etsy! For only $3

Thanks a latte

Here’s another rendition for $3.50: thanksalatte 5) Unique Calendars

The nice thing about a calendar is usually your client will hang it up! Which makes them remember you DAILY! And if you pick a calendar that is unique….say like a “data center comic calendar” well then you will be setting yourself out from the crowd! (Sorry another plug)

Data Center Calendar

If you would rather buy on Amazon it’s there too!! 

6) Custom Caricatures

Where you get one of there beloved pet or one for there social icon it can be a cool gift to say “thank you” This one is only $!6.95!


7) Cool Tech gadgets

I’m a huge fan of cool tech gadgets and since this a technology blog I couldn’t leave out some of these fancy little ideas:

Cyber Clean a great way to clean your keyboard!

cyber clean

USB Light:

usb light

Solar Charger: This could be useful in places where outlets are limited…maybe and airport? Usually they have a giant window where you can see planes?

solar charger

USB Lockable flashdrive: on $18.95 on Amazon

usb drive

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