What is a Blog? And Why do you need one for your business….


Most of you may have visited my website www.kipandgary.com but if you are reading this right now then you have ventured your way to my blog.  Alot of people ask me, Why do you have a blog? Because…I want more exposure to my comics and by having a blog i’m driving more traffic to my site by providing people with new comics and awesome information about the tech world without having to go through the trouble of updating my website (which can be a huge pain).

Fact: My blog is an extension of my website, it can’t exist without it…. www.kipandgary.com/blog

Blogs now operate even better then a website because you can still provide all your necessary information like About Us, Contact Page, Company profile etc…but you have the ability to constantly update your site by providing blog posts about great information that people might find useful.

Fact: Google LOVES websites/blogs that are constantly updated because ultimately they want to give the user the most updated information while they search.

Every time you write a post it’s showing Google that you are updating your website. Lets take this article you are reading as an example, URL will say  https://kipandgary.com/blog/2015/08/what-is-a-blog-and-why-do-you-need-one-for-your-business. So two things are happening here, I added information to my website (www.kipandgary.com)  and I added words to help people find me. So the next time someone searches”What is Blog?” My website/blog will be part of that search based on the tale end of the URL. I’m not saying I will be on the first search page right off the bat, it takes time. But the more people search for the topics I have on my blog the more Google recognizes my blog as being important and it wants to move me up the search.

Here is a good example, (proof in the puddin) Try googling, “How to text smiley faces”….You should see a video….click on it…it’s mine! That video came because I wrote a blog post a long time about on “how to text smiley faces” I saw through google analytic how much traction it was getting so I made a video and embedded it in after the fact now it has almost 200k views…Crazy right!

Ill explain why youtube videos are important too and how to choose what youtube topics to do, but that will be for another post 😉

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