Wind power at the data center…is it worth it?

Well it seems like Wind power for the data center is becoming pretty popular…

 HP to Power Texas Data Centers with Wind Energy

On Tuesday, Hewlett-Packardannounced a 12-year contract to buy 112 megawatts from a wind farm thatSunEdison is expanding in Texas…

Baryonyx Building Data Centers with Wind Energy Focus

A Texas startup plans to build a data center powered by energy from huge “wind farms” in the Texas panhandle and the Gulf of Mexico. Baryonyx Corp.has been awarded three wind energy leases for 8,000 acres onshore in Dallam County, Texas and another 38,000….

Data centers Powered by Wind

“A small lSP and hosting company in Illinois may be the first data center operator in the U.S. to power its facility entirely with wind power from an on-site turbine. On Oct. 19,Other World Computing (OWC) began using a 131-foot tall wind turbine to provide all the electric power for its building in Woodstock, Illinois, which includes the company’s headquarters and a data center supporting its web hosting and ISP services.”

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