I have some exciting news!!!


I’m so excited to announce that I have started my own data center online publication, www.datacentermix.com.  I have been planning on doing a professional data center blog for a while now and now it’s finally here!! Everyone of you have been amazing in supporting me with Kip and Gary and I hope you will love the new transition to this site.

So what will happen to this site? It will still be here but  you may not see activity for a while, I will start posting new Kip and Gary comics on www.datacentermix.com as well as awesome articles about the data center and tech reviews! Please subscribe to the new site because that is where all the new posts will be!

Here are a few to check out!

7 Tips to Avoid Big Data Center Disasters

8 Questions You Should Ask Before Moving A Data Center…

5 Ways To Explain Your Data Center Job To Your family

and there is so much more!!!

If you would love to share your expertise on my site let me know! Here are the guidelines 

If you’re interested in buying an ad please email me at info@datacentermix.com

Thank you so much for you support! I hope you like it!!

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