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So Uber has been one of my favorite things for the past couple of months and though I think i’m one of the last people to really embrace Uber I have learned some pretty interesting things in conversation with the drivers.

  1. If an Uber driver gets under a 4.5 star rating they get put on probation. I feel this is a little harsh but they want the best from there drivers so I understand the seriousness of it.
  2. When an Uber driver calls you or text’s you to let you know where they are it will always show up as the same number. Uber will route your number so the driver never knows the passengers phone number and vs. versa
  3. Uber drivers have 24 hours to rate the passenger and a passenger has 36 hours to rate the driver. I haven’t really tested out the uber driver time rating but I would be curious to see what happens if you don’t rate your driver at 36 hours. If you want to know you’re passenger score just follow these easy steps! 
  4. Most Uber drivers have other jobs and are using this as side income. In my 15 trips I have taken so far all but one made uber there full time job.
  5. You can take an Uber FROM the airport even if that state doesn’t allow you to. All you have to do is use an “uber XL” or “uber select” or higher. Apparently if an Uber picks you up from the airport they have to have commercial insurance and go through the airport screening.
  6. To be an Uber driver you only have to do 1 drive every 30 days
  7. An Uber car has to be 10 years or newer
  8. Certain cars classify as “select” that I didn’t anticipate like an a Hyundai Genesis
  9. You can get a Uber that is a truck! This one surprised me a little, but in his defense it was a double cab and it was quite comfortable!

Hope you enjoyed my list! Let me know if I should add anything!

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