4 Ways Being An Artist Has Helped Sell Data Center Products….

4 Ways Being An Artist Has Helped Sell Data Center Products….


I’m always asked how an artist ended up in the data center world…and like most of us we just sort of stumbled into this industry. But I’ve been really fortunate enough to be able to use my artistic side to help me sell products and data center services.

1) Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Sometimes explaining distribution is a little hard to someone that just wants to buy direct from the manufacture or buy from several distribution companies…so in order to help understand the value of going to one supply chain I decided to draw it out for them:

global suppy chain distribution before

global supply chain distribution


2) Creativity

When you are an artist it’s very natural to think “outside of the box” and when you are up against some strong competition you need to be able to come up with creativity ways to not only get you’re foot in the door with customers but also help save them money!

3) Data Center Cartoonist

I decided about 7 years to come up with my data center comic strip called “Kip and Gary” originally the idea was to put out a monthly newsletter to my educate my customers on the latest and greatest product, but that became incredibly time consuming writing it all out. So I created a Blog which now has evolved intowww.datacentermix.com and decided to just start posting comics and data center information as I learn it! I then published a book of all my comics and create a yearly calendar too! It has really helped my reputation in the industry and became a great conversation piece to build relationships. Not to mention it’s pretty entertaining!

4) Youtube

I started a YouTube channel a while back to review gadgets and technology that grew into animating my comics! People are getting to know me a little more by watching my video blogs and its really helped my help gain exposure in the industry.

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