9 Things I Learned After Owning The Apple Watch For A Month…

9 Things I Learned After Owning The Apple Watch For A Month…

So i’ve owned the Apple Watch for about a month now and I love it! This isn’t a review about what apps to buy or technical details like the battery life. This is an article about, “What is it good for?” “How will it improve your life?” I didn’t really expect much from the device. I was originally looking for a light weight stylish watch that I could tell time. I happened to be at the Apple store fixing my broken iphone screen when I stumbled onto the watches. After talking with one of the workers for a while I determined that this was actually the watch I was looking for! Not only does it tell time but it does so much more, Not to mention I can accessorize it!

1)It was incredibly easy to figure out

It’s very similar to to the iPhone in the sense the round dial on the side acts like the home button. If you double click it you end up at your home screen. The biggest challenge I had was to remember to charge it at first. However…it soon became part of my routine, when I plug in my phone I plug in my watch.

2) You feel liberated!

I was so used to checking my phone ALL the time! I have two young kiddos at home and when I would go out to eat with my husband I would always have my phone on the table worried that I would miss an emergency call. Now I can put my phone away because I know I will see an emergency call on my wrist if one should happen! I stopped worrying about missing calls or text messages because I knew my watch would vibrate when one came in. The desire to sneak a peek at my phone has literally gone away!

3) Never miss an important call

The average range on the phone is about 30ft and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left my phone at my desk and wondered around the office and an important phone call came in and either my phone was on silent or just out of hearing range for the ringer. I was able to answer with my wrist, tell them to hold on for a second while I grabbed my phone. Brilliant! Or…in a very real situation I went to a concert with a bunch of my friends and we got seperated, needless to say I was the only one that could “hear” my watch through my wrist.

4) The talk to text is surprisingly accurate

I was able to respond to full texts just buy speaking them. Just be careful if the radio is on it will pick up lyrics as well.

5) The assisted navigation is really beneficial.

The Watch will vibrate when you are about 500ft away from your turn. So no more glancing down at your phone in your center counsel to see when to turn next.

6) The design possibilities are amazing

Switching out the bands is a breeze (when you get the hang of it) I posted all my watch configerations i’ve done so far on a previous post What Apple Watch to Get However the current selection of faces isn’t that wonderful, but you can always set an image as the background for a cool look!


watch design 3

7)The “find your phone” feature I’ve used a handful times.

When I’m heading out the door and I can’t remember if I grab my phone, or if I just can’t find the thing because it’s buried under a pile of paper I just swipe to the screen and “ping” it. Even if your phone is on silent it will “ding” your phone.


8) Setting the timer/alarm is super easy

All you have to do is ask Siri, “set alarm for 45 minutes” and she does it for you! Now you don’t have to worry about over cooking the chicken!

9) You realize how much you “don’t move”

Or in my case I get working on my computer and end up in the “the zone” and Apple created this interesting feature when just before your leg goes numb the watch alerts you to “stand”. You can set this feature off, but i’m pretty sure it’s prevented numerous leg cramps!


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