9 Things I learned while using Blue Apron for a Month…

So if you have followed this blog you know that I’m big into new technology and gadgets and when I saw that you could do a food delivery service all off an app on your phone I just had to try it!

1) “So…what’s for dinner?” I absolutely hate this question! It usually comes after a long day of work and the last thing on your mind is what you are going to have for dinner. One of the greatest things about Blue Apron is that this conversation has basically been eliminated at our house! On the days we don’t cook we order pizza or do take out, but we don’t feel that bad about doing it because we had 3 great home cooked meals!

2) It doesn’t really look like alot when you get it….But it is! I remember opening up my first box and thinking to myself, “this is it?, there is no way this would feed to people!” Somehow with the combination of collard greens and grains it turns out to be more then filling!


3) Organic meat really does taste better So I kinda thought the organic grass feed meat or free range chicken was a just a marketing tactic, but this meat tastes amazing! Its so juicy and really delicious!

4) Fresh ingredients Blue apron uses local farms and all fresh ingredients and you really can taste the difference! The vegetables look like you just picked them out of garden, nothing like you would see at a local grocery store.  So I admit I started to get in the habit of using the minced garlic in the jar to save time and I forgot what it was like to use real garlic! It’s night and day different. Pretty much majority of the recipes use fresh garlic in them and yet the meals aren’t “too garlic” if that makes sense?

5) App is super user friendly. The app lets you view recipes in advance to see if you would like to “change them” or “skip” them.


6) Easy recipes with really flavorful taste. So i’m not the best cook, actually i’m kinda of horrible and I can even cook these dishes! They break it down to 6 steps and it’s so easy!



7) Trying new flavors. Some of these recipes have ingredients I have never heard of, but it’s great to try new flavors!

8) Alot of packaging. So one of the downsides it the packaging, I know the box can break down and you can use the icepacks. I haven’t taken advantage of their recycling program, but I will probably need to do that soon!

9) Variety. So I don’t eat seafood and you actually can change your menu if you don’t like a particular dish or if you can “skip” that week if you will be out of town or if the dishes that week don’t seem tasty to you!


All in all I really have enjoyed Blue Apron and I would recommend it to anyone looking to try new flavors and avoid the “what’s for dinner?” conversation!

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