Data Center Book for Children?


data center childrens book

Just when you think you have seen it all, A data center book for children! I always like to see what new data center books are out there to see what my book (What happens in the data center…) is up against. And I just so happened to come across this gem! “Mommy, Why is there a server in the house?” by Tom ‘Connor, isn’t technically about “data centers” but it’s about having your own home server, and that’s kind of like having a mini data center. You can judge for yourself, but it does a good job covering the basics:

What is a server? “…a funny looking box that makes friends with computers”

Cloud? “…files don’t get lost even when bad things happen to your computer…” (an image of a puppy looking like he peed on the computer)

How do you know if a server is working? “….lights on your sever go blinkety blink…”

I don’t want to ruin the whole book for you especially since I literally laughed out loud reading it. But the best part is that it turns out it’s promoting Windows home server, which i’m not sure is even available anymore but the concept is still amazing non the less. And to top it off the author isn’t even real! Good Job Windows for the entertaining marketing!

windows server

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