Herding Pets in the Data Center….

herding cats


A friend a mine sent me a Why servers should be seen like cows, not puppies to inspire me to create a comic and it did! The article brough up some really interesting points,  As we (and the industry) move toward the “Xaas” Storage/Networking/Infrastructure/Name-Your-Technology as a Service” there is increasing use of the “Pets vs. Cattle” analogy that has been around for several years (people treat their Servers like Pets … name them, care for them individually, love them (possibly beyond their rational relative value) … where the IT Industry needs to treat these components as Cattle (individually tagged with a number or a code but completely interchangeable with no unique identity to get attached to)”. So I just had to do a comic about it! Now all I need now is a caption! Can you help??? Click on the link to get directed to the caption contest


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