Siri, where do you live?

Siri, where do you live?


So if you ask Siri, “Where do you live?” she responds with “Right here”…but that’s not where she really lives…When Siri was first announced I was so excited! My own little personal assistant. But then I got to asking her questions I realized she was eating up alot of my data. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and I think she is fantastic. But I wanted to find out why she used so much data.

I’m sure most people know that are reading this blog that Siri actually lives in the data center. But what a lot people don’t know is that even little tasks like “asking to call someone in your contacts” she actually has to go back to the data center to figure it out. Seems like a long way for such a simple task and a great way to eat up your data.

So I decided to conduct my own test! If you go into Settings–>Cellular—>Cellular Data Usage, if you scroll all the way down past the apps you will see “System Services” from there you can see how much Siri is using. You can also “Reset Statistics ” and it will take you back to 0 so you can see how much you used.  Then you ask Siri a question and see how much it goes up!

Some tasks:

“local Apple Store” 102KB

“Call” (someone) 50KB

“How many miles does it take to get from Arizona to California” 80KB

I’m pretty sure Apple is going to have to find a way to make Siri more efficient but in the meantime you may need to up your data plan!

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