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Herding Pets in the Data Center….

A friend a mine sent me a Why servers should be seen like cows, not puppies to inspire me to create a comicView full post »

I have some exciting news!!!

I’m so excited to announce that I have started my own data center online publication,  IView full post »

Too much air pressure under the data center floor?

So funny story, I was actually touring a colocation and they were showing me there meet me room and I guess they wereView full post »

Who needs a vacation?

Pretty much all of my customers tell me how they work a ton and never have time to take a vacation, this comic wasView full post »

Let me draw you a picture…

I’m sure you know that someone who LOVE using a white board….I’m actually one of those people, and soView full post »

Wind power at the data center…is it worth it?

Well it seems like Wind power for the data center is becoming pretty popular…  HP to Power Texas Data CentersView full post »

Trying to save money….

Congrats to Rob for his winning caption!! I love my irobot so much I actually did a review on youtube!! varView full post »

Natural Lighting….

I’m sorry I’m so behind on posting so I thought I would start posting some of the winning comics! If youView full post »

Time to Vote for the best Caption!

I’m sorry I’ve been a little behind posting on my blog, it’s been a little crazy over here with workView full post »

New Year Data Center Job List! Caption Contest

Check out the newest caption contest! CLICK HERE TO ENTER   var linkwithin_site_id = 1038795; var TFN='';varView full post »

New Data Center Comic! What could possibly be in the present?

Its holiday time!!! So I thought I would let Kip and Gary join in the on fun! To enter your caption CLICK HERE! to enterView full post »

Random Fun and Newest Caption Contest!

So the next two comics will have a Halloween feel to them cause well…Halloween is right around the corner! On aView full post »

Color Rack Power Strips: Caption Contest!

          I’ve started to see a new trend in data centers – color coding A and BView full post »

Caption Contest: Data Center Chicken Coop?

There are numerous types of designs inside the data center space. Raised floor? Non Raised Floor? Modular? Tradtional?View full post »

How clean is your data center? Caption Contest!

I’ve learned quite a bit about data center cleaning recently and I didn’t realize how important it was toView full post »

Server Stack! Caption Contest!

Have you ever seen this??? It just started off as one server but after time It just kept growing!!! If you are not sureView full post »

Warning Signs in the data center….caption contest

Do you ever really look at warning signs in the Data center? Usually there is a lot them but people seem to just glazeView full post »

The Very First Data Center Comic Book is here!!!

Its Finally here! This book is the very first data center comic book out there! You will have a chance to see how IView full post »

Data Center Luck? Caption Contest!

In the spirit of St. Patty’s day I thought this would be a great comic to draw! I mean sometimes you need aView full post »

Cupid collected some great captions!

You can see the winning caption here! var linkwithin_site_id = 1038795; var TFN='';var TFA='';var TFI='0';var TFL='View full post »

What’s at the end of the Rack?

Here is another Caption Contest by yours truly! CLICK here to enter your caption so you can have a chance to win aView full post »




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